On Moving

Moving is stressful. I know, I know. Everyone is aware of that. I guess I had just forgotten how stressful, since it had been a few years since I last moved. And in those years, all of my belongings multiplied. Completely on their own, with no help from me. Worse than the packing, though, is figuring out the actual logistics of moving. The unpacking part I like. But everything that comes before it literally created a pain in my side-a pain that started in my back and moved to my side before it eventually went away. I say all of this to make this one point: If you have encountered me at all in the last week, really two, then I am sorry. My stress level was way over its normal amount and I was anxious, tired, in pain, tightly wound and overall not pleasant. I don’t function very well living out of boxes. But I am all moved in now and almost everything is put away (it will be after one more Ikea run tomorrow), and I am feeling pretty close to settled. I even got to cook dinner tonight for the first time since Christmas. So I think I am a happier person to be around now!

Why did I move? People keep asking me that, mostly because I’ve moved to the suburbs, and since we all know my love of the city of Portland, that part comes as a bit of a surprise. I wasn’t looking to move to the burbs. I was, however, in need of a change.

My (now former) apartment had been a good little home. It was really good for the first two years. It wasn’t the same for the last year and a half, due to various circumstances. I kept trying to figure out what to do about that, to make it more of the home it used to be, more of the place I wanted it to be. But it just wasn’t getting there. A couple of months ago, Sheena suggested that I move to her condo in Beaverton, as her 2nd room was available. I had my usual “I don’t do suburbs” responses, but also I said I’d consider it. So I came out and stayed for a few days to see just how crazy the commute made me. And it did make me a bit crazy. But what outweighed the drive was the fact that I really liked being here with Sheena, and the cozy and comfy condo is fantastic, with its inside washer and dryer (that don’t require quarters), and its dishwasher, and a bathroom I only share with guests who come over, and its quality windows that don’t have to be covered in plastic in the winter and its insulation that actually keeps heat inside, and basically all of the amenities that, for more than three years, I thought I was ok living without. When I had the chance to no longer go without those things, I decided it was time. And so, here I am. In a lovely home, with a lovely friend. Happy. Able to think enough to write at least this little post, and hopefully able to concentrate on a book again soon (right after I watch this week’s Downton Abbey and Sherlock). It’s good to be home.