How I Welcomed 2014



When I was in Phoenix this summer for David’s wedding, and we were running around like crazy having a blast, I said “the next time I come to Phoenix can we just do nothing?” 

When Alaska Airlines had an amazing sale a while back, we decided that New Year’s was the perfect time to do nothing in Phoenix. I got to spend almost a week there with David, Greg and Annie the dog, who I may have fallen in love with. And who I know loved me back because her favorite thing to do was wake me up and she did nothing but pout and cling to me the day I was packing to leave. 

We did a lot of nothing and a good amount of somethings too. We talked. We shopped. We ate out. We cooked. We drank a lot of coffee, some of which had Baileys in it. We rang in the New Year with friends. We slept late and showered late into the day. We had happy hour with more friends. We drove up South Mountain and enjoyed the view. We talked. We sat outside in the afternoons and evenings, reading. We also read inside. Greg watched football. We wore loungy clothes a lot. We watched “Tales of the City,” something that is just a thing between David and me and can’t be explained. We watched a few movies, a good bit of CNN, some House Hunters, and the Wheel of Fortune episode that Greg was on years ago. We drank out of glasses that lean over. We listened to music. We talked and laughed and loved and I only cried once but it was a sweet cry. We talked more. It was the best do nothing vacation I could have asked for and I hated to leave. 

Most of the pictures I took were on instagram, though I have a few on my camera that I need to upload. Uploading might be awhile as I’m currently in the process of packing up my apartment in preparation for moving. But here are the instagram pictures, which I think pretty well convey what our week was like. 
















3 comments on “How I Welcomed 2014

  1. Davie says:

    I loved every second. Thanks for recording the details, and thanks for kicking off the new year here, dearest.

  2. It looks to me like a grand time was had by all. So happy you had a nice kickoff to 2014 with dear friends.

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