Movies and TV 2013

It’s here! The first of my end-of-the-year posts! These are always some of my favorite things to write, because it involves making lists!

Let’s start with movies. I think the total came to 29. I saw a lot of decent movies and a few good ones, but I’m just going to mention my favorites, and these are all movies I recommend.

Austenland-for fans of Keri Russell (me, me, me I’m a fan!) and for fans of anything Austen, it’s really quite funny and enjoyable.

Enough Said-I just saw this one last week. Very, very good.

The Way, Way Back-this movie is just perfect.

The Heat-hilarious and wonderful

Silver Linings Playbook-can’t explain how much I love this movie

But absolutely my favorite movie of the year which I bought on DVD and have watched probably 6 times and could watch again right this minute: Pitch Perfect. If you have not seen this, you absolutely must. MUST.

Ok now let’s talk about TV.  I finally had access to TV this year! Or rather, I finally had instant access to all sorts of shows via Hulu and Netflix. For a long, long time, I was unable to stream videos on my computer. But this year that changed. I can now stream videos on both a tablet and computer, thus my TV show watching increased dramatically.

Shows I was able to binge watch on Netflix and catch up to current seasons and now watch on Hulu week by week:

Parenthood (yep, I still cry every single episode)

Parks and Rec (I watch it after Parenthood in order to laugh)

New Girl

Hart of Dixie (Last Christmas while house sitting I watched all of season 1 in 5 days. When season 2 was released this fall, I watched all of it in 4 days. People-I HAVE A PROBLEM. Why is no one doing an intervention? Also if anyone knows the guy who plays Wade, please introduce us. We’re meant to be together.)

Other shows I’ve watched but am not current on and still have more seasons to catch up on:

Dexter (I watched 5 seasons this year. 5 seasons of a serial killer I completely root for)

Scandal (yeah, I told you about that one yesterday. As of this post, I’m on episode 6 of season 2)

Shows I watched that have made me sit around, twiddling my thumbs, waiting on the next season to come out:

Sherlock (have you seen this brilliant show???)

Downton Abbey

Orange is the New Black

Other mentions:

Breaking Bad (I’m having a problem finishing. It got so very dark and depressing and I just couldn’t take it. I’m in season 5 and have been sitting on the last available episodes for a while now and just can’t make myself go back to them)

I finished Weeds (I miss Andy and I long for him to return to me on another show)

I watched season 1 of Once Upon a Time but have no real interest in returning to it for more seasons

I am addicted to The Daily Show clips (sometimes full episodes) on Hulu

I watch a lot of Ellen clips and sometimes SNL clips on Hulu too

Basically, I spend entirely too much time with my tablet. TV on the internet is so much fun!

And that was my 2013 in movies and TV.


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