Secret Santa and Scandal

Today is the first day I’ve had to simply be and breathe in quite a while. I woke up at 6:20, not really all that surprised at the time as I think I told you recently-gone are the beautiful days of sleeping late. I stayed in bed until around 7 and then decided to move to the couch and watch Netflix. None of my currently-watching shows were calling to me, so I decided to give “Scandal” a try. Katie had told me almost a year ago that I needed to watch this show. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to things.

Well, 7 episodes (all of season 1) later, here I am taking a little break before I start season 2. I suppose you could say I was instantly addicted. I did take a few bathroom breaks today, and I did go to the store-twice actually-so it’s not as if I haven’t moved all day. I also cooked dinner! And I’ve been crocheting while watching. So it hasn’t been ALL unproductive. But it has been quite lovely. 

The main reason I took a break to blog is to tell you about the gifts I received this week from my Secret Santa (the one that is part of The Broke and The Bookish blog). 



My Secret Santa is Amanda over at Fig and Thistle, and we could not be any better long-distance-from-the-same-state-strangers-who-are-kindred-spirits. When I found out who she was and read the “about” section on her blog, I think I actually clapped with excitement. Later I read it out loud to Sheena who said “Oh good grief, you’ve found your soul mate.” 

Amanda sent me a wonderful, wonderful package containing two books (one of which has been on my to-read list for a really long time and happens to be one of her favorites that she loves to gift), coffee from her local coffee shop in Gainsville, GA, local tea, and a notebook that made me want to jump for joy: 642 Things To Write About. I am in love with all of it! I dug into the coffee this morning (while watching Scandal) and can’t wait to dive into the rest of it! 

Amanda also included a letter. A real hand written letter, the same kind I love to write! Hopefully she doesn’t mind me quoting her here, because I just have to. This is how she described herself: “vegetarian, tattooed, feminist, library-working bibliophile married to an artist/tattoo artist (and has 3 children); loves books (duh), owls, lists, coffee, tea, thrifting, baking, stitching, crocheting, knitting, and writing letters.”

All of those words describe either something I am or love, want to be, have been, considered for more than a minute being, could easily be, or relate to exceptionally well, except I’ve never put any thought into how I feel about owls.

It makes me happy that our love of books and a desire to gift others with books has brought us together. Well, internet together. But as she has friends in the Portland area, and I am from GA and am there occasionally to see family and friends, it’s quite possible that one of these days we’ll meet in person. And talk about books and yarn related crafts and all the lists we’ve made lately, over coffee and tea. But in the meantime, we’ll be excellent internet friends. 

Ok, I have to return to Scandal. Season 1 ended with a cliff hanger. I have to know!

Check back over the next few days. I’ll be posting my traditional end of the year lists and reflections! 


One comment on “Secret Santa and Scandal

  1. David says:

    Time to gather your thoughts about owls! You are so funny.

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