Tell The Wolves I’m Home


Shortly after I finished The Fault In Our Stars, I started another sad but wonderful story, by Carol Rifka Brunt.

Do you remember the 80s? Do you remember AIDS in the 80s? I do. Not in the same detail some would as I was fairly young, but I do remember.

Tell The Wolves I’m Home is the story of 14 year old June, set in 1987, who doesn’t fit in very well with her immediate family and not with very many friends either. But she has a wonderful connection and friendship with her gay uncle, the one person who understands her, encourages and supports her. And he dies, far too young. That is not a spoiler, you know this by reading the back of the book. This is the story of how June comes to learn more about her uncle, and about herself, after his death than she could have learned while he was alive. It is a story of secrets and lies, mistakes and forgiveness and ultimately of love. It is heart breaking but engrossing. Someone at work asked me for a book recommendation when they found out I read a lot. I had just finished this so I suggested it. They loved it, which worked well for me because now they almost always read what I suggest next.

If you are in the mood to be deeply moved, Wolves will do the trick.


3 comments on “Tell The Wolves I’m Home

  1. Sorry, but for the life of me, I don’t know if I could ever enjoy the same books you read. Crying my eyes out is not a review that would make me want to read anything. I am such a happy ever after kind of reader……real life has enough tears to do me!! Just sayin’………Vivian

  2. […] Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. Already reviewed here. […]

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