I took a break. A deep breathing, Bahamian salt-water-air, food and drink indulging, novel reading, get out of my own head, kind of break. I focused on the family and lifelong friends I was with, the shows we were watching, the music we were hearing, the taste bud sensations, the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, the warmth of the sun on my skin, even when it was too much. I put every concern I’d had in recent months on hold.  They could wait. And they did. It’s amazing how easy it is to feel free when you can’t turn your phone on.

 DSCN8619 DSCN8543





I am slowly returning to myself, to my day to day life. The sunburn turned into a better tan than I’ve had in years, possibly ever, and I’ve received more compliments on how rested and refreshed I look than I can ever remember. Enough to make me think I should consider moving somewhere with more sun…But I’d miss the cold and the clouds, I think. So I’ll stay here, and I’ll get back in my head, back to pondering all the things that like to roll around in my mind and sometimes manifest themselves into words I share with you.  But I’m going to try to hang on to just a bit of that toes in the sand freedom for as long as I can, even if only in my mind.



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